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Welcome to Besides, a web app for verifiable, bite-sized facts to inform the Indian citizen.

We cover facts about the socio-political landscape of India. This includes information on government policies for women, energy, biofuels, education, livelihood, skill development and entrepreneurship, renewable energy, transport and infrastructure, agriculture, etc.

This also includes how India fares in global and national indices and indexes on an international scale, using indices developed by the World Bank, World Economic Forum, etc.

Besides also covers topics around the national and state political parties, their members and their respective performance and history in a post-Independence context. This includes but is not limited to distribution of wealth, gender, criminal cases declared, income taxes, etc.

Besides also contains information on the Constitution of India and its amendments over the past 60 years. Alongside this, other topics related to the structure and functions of government and parliament, as well as subjects related to voting processes, rights as Indian citizens, and information sourced from the Election Commission of India, as well as other Government and Non-Government entities.

Besides will slowly expand its content database to include other topics relevant to the Indian citizen so that they may learn more about their country and its issues and achievements. This is shown with links and navigation to explore other topics and facts based on their interest and curiosity.